The Price of Joining the Madhouse




- To supporters of Britain in the EU -
please read below and
see if you are willing to pay it

* Britain's EU membership between 1972 and 1997 has cost you, the British taxpayer, a breathtaking £235 BILLION. Our yearly gross contribution currently is £11 billion, or approximately £1.25 million EACH HOUR.

* The EU has been unable to have its own accounts certified by the Court of Auditors for EIGHT YEARS RUNNING, because of irregularities and fraud.

* The EU doesn't even use double-entry book-keeping, the accountancy standard since the 14th century. The system employed by the EU is cash-based, and extremely open to abuse.

* Most British people have a deep suspicion of the EU, but know next to nothing about how it works, how it affects them now or in the future.

* Polls show that the majority of the British people are fed up with the constant evidence of our country being manipulated and invaded at will by this European 'government of occupation'. A Mori poll, for instance, indicates that 60% of the British people would vote to leave the European Union if Britain were compelled to give up the pound in order to remain in the EU.

* It is estimated that joining the euro would cost Britain a minimum of a massive £36 BILLION (£631 for every man, woman and child in the country) and cause immediate price and tax hikes, just as EMU has done on the Continent.

* Joining the euro would entail handing over to Brussels the remainder of the UK's gold and currency reserves, all rights to her oil reserves, the power to set interest rates and, ultimately, the power to raise taxes. The British parliament today can do absolutely nothing to stop unelected Euro commissioners making decisions which will damage or threaten to destroy our economy. Joining the euro would be irreversible, short of a war of secession.

* It is by no means certain that the British will ever be given a chance to vote on joining the euro.

* Did you know that European and international legislation is proposing to:
Ban over 300 natural ingredients from free sale;
Restrict the dosage level of 'approved' nutrients to levels that will render them ineffective;
Ban herbal remedies for no other reason than that they don't have a 30 year history of use;
Ban any statements about the effectiveness of nutrients in dealing with disease;
Give governments the right to re-classify safe and effective natural remedies as medicines - at will.

* The EU has introduced state powers, under Article 191 of the Nice Treaty, which are designed to ban political parties of which it disapproves, or which oppose the EU.

* The EU has passed laws against 'racism' and 'xenophobia', which are so arbitrary, they could be applied to any individual, group or party which disapproves of the EU.

* The EU can suspend voting rights to 'punish' any member state not conforming to EU orthodoxy. Meanwhile, the beleaguered member state is still required to pay its EU dues as if it were a full voting member. This is 'taxation without representation', the very reason the American colonies seceded from Britain and went to war for their independence in 1776.

* The EU's inept Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) has been responsible for destroying the British fishing industry, and giving our fishing rights to others. The effects of its abysmal Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) have spelled death to British farming, while at the same time enriching European farmers, especially the French, for whose benefit the CAP was originally introduced.

* The EU is abolishing trial by jury and the presumption of innocence under the justice system being introduced in Britain. Once the new system is in place, an indicted individual will have his case heard by a professional tribunal and be required to prove his innocence against the combined machinery of the state.

* The European Court of Justice is removing the 'double jeopardy' safeguard. For centuries, British law has held that if a person is found not guilty of committing a crime, they cannot be tried again for the same offence. Henceforth, under corpus juris law, the state has granted itself the 'right' to come back at an individual time and again with the same charge, using all its considerable 'legal' apparati, until it secures the required conviction. Jack Straw, the British Home Secretary, has already given prosecutors the right to appeal against a not-guilty verdict.

* Under new legislation, actions pursued by those who disagree with the EU can be labelled seditious, treasonous and even blasphemous.

Is this truly what you want for your own future and that of your children?