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From the Mailbag

"Thank you for your patience with humanity." - Charmaine D, Hampshire, UK

"I was introduced by reading Phillip Day's books and by Better Health Clinic, Chester. I am a new employee at Better Health as Practice Manager and also an Alternative Therapist. I am really looking forward to meeting Phillip at his seminar in Chester on 28th February. He's inspirational and a breath of fresh air!" - Dee R, Cheshire, UK

"This was breath-taking. I guarantee I will spread the word. Excellent job." - William H, Essex, UK

"Wow! Blows one's mind. How interesting." - Beryl D, Hampshire, UK

"So thrilled with all your work. Very interested in children's health and anti-aspartame. I would appreciate tips from people working on this particularly those working in documentary film and your health concerns." - Tracy F, London, UK

"Very enjoyable and informative evening." - Joanne U, West Sussex, UK

"At the moment P.C. is going loopy. I am sincerely frightened for my future and for the youth of today growing up. Our police force is utter nonsense, it has no proper control over any/many serious crimes at all. It seem it is more of a serious offence to go over the 30 mph speed limit than to kill someone. Please get us our sanity back." - David G, Flintshire, UK

"So glad I came, fantastic information. Looking forward to clearing the candida!" - Karen K, Surrey, UK

"Brilliantly delivered info.!" - Ione P, East Sussex

"Everything that Phillip says makes sense to me, I have always believed nutrition is linked to health and the deterioration in modern society of nutritional foods. As a counsellor, I try as much as possible to educate my clients about the need to eat well to promote mental health. Phillip's books make it all so easy to understand and I feel it is important for as many people to understand what is happening. I feel the best way to do this is to join your organisation and spread the message to as many as possible. Sometimes it is like walking uphill with concrete shoes but every little bit of knowledge, hopefully, will rub off somewhere. Thank you for bringing us such interesting and ground-breaking material." - Rose F, NSW, Australia

"Please keep doing what you are doing." - Monica L, Buchinghamshire, UK

"Love the presentation. Always good to find out more about health and nutrition." - Vedia S, London, UK

"Fantastic and very informative." - Wanjiku C, Berkshire, UK

"Very interested in bulletins by email. Meeting very good. Second time I have been and the talks are very different and exhilarating!" - Veronica T, Oxfrord, UK

"I would appreciate receiving emails. An excellent, thought-provoking evening. Thank you." - June H, WA, Australia

"I am retired but a young friend of mine has just lost her three-year-old daughter with leukemia. Several of my friends have cancer. What is going on?" - Eileen McG, Surrey, UK

"Very interesting. Hope it changes me!" - Jim W, Co Cork, Ireland

"Great speaker. This is my third time listening to you. Keep up the good work! I drink lots of water and eat fruit and veg. I feel healthy!" - Bernadette F, Co Kerry, Ireland

"All new to me!" - Mary O'C, Co Cork, Ireland

"I was looking to improve my general health and just learned about Neways plus I have a 10-year-old grandson who has just been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and want to know of ways to help him. I found Phillip's book, Simple Changes, very inspiring and would like to keep up with new info." - Val K, QLD, Australia

"The talk is life-changing - thank you." - Leanne B, Surrey, UK

"Very good - as usual!" - Brenda F, Dublin, Ireland

"At last people are waking up to the truth about doctors!" - Tamsin P, South Yorkshire, UK

"I belong to the Campaign for an Independent Britain. I believe we should leave the EU immediately and agree with everything that has been said on this website." - Francis I, Essex, UK

"I am a Scenar therapist and wish to give the general public information on the advantages of Scenar therapy over that of so called drugs and medicines. I also promote the use of natural products and nutrition for health and well being." - Anthony C, West Sussex, UK

"We are most interested in learning the truth about health issues. Many thanks!" - Rodney S, WA, Australia

"For over 60 years (I am 83) I have eschewed 'conventional' medicine and firmly believe that good nutrition - I grow biodynamically - is the best thing for good health." - Jan H, Norfolk, UK

"Fantastic talk/seminar as always. Brilliant books. Thanks for helping us take charge of our lives." - Cherie & Ray C, WA, Australia