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Up Close and Personal
The monthly comment from CTM founder, Phillip Day

Dear All,

I trust this finds you fighting fit and happy, and if not, well we know what we can do about that for the better, don't we?

What an interesting month. The EU wants to ban incandescent light bulbs by 2009 and replace them with fluoros to save energy and cut carbon emissions. This week the counter-film to Al Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth' was shown on Channel 4 packed to the gills with professors, meteorologists and even a founding member of Greenpeace remonstrating that while global warming is occurring, it's the result of unremarkable solar activity and not our blessed fault at all. Of course, the obvious accusations will be leveled at The Great Global Warming Swindle that a) it was funded by the oil industry and b) all those professors are Bush-loving 4 x 4 owners with weekend ranches stuffed full of flatulent cattle (charges Martin Durkin has denied). The argument, though, is an interesting one and people will make up their minds based on science or maybe just the gut feeling our civilization has been 'getting away with it' for far too long now and it's about time we suffered. Stay tuned for more. My funny bone always gives me grief when politicians gleefully rub their hands together, proposing sweeping new Marxist taxation to save us from ourselves. See the film and decide for yourself.

Right, to the business in hand. We're moving into online films after April as a more immediate method of airing experts' views. Meanwhile, two of Credence's own films are now available for viewing online - The Real Face of the European Union and Be Wise, Be Well, the testimonies video. We've posted these for easy access on Google (big screen version) as well as the home-page, so feel free to forward far and wide as you see fit.

Also this month, a short media film on the fluoridation controversy in Tennessee. Irish activists are stepping up the pressure on this nonsense in their backyard so good luck to them, they have a tight organization in the Voice of Irish Concern for the Environment (VICE!), whose latest press release can be found in this bulletin.

Re other news. More estrogen is turning boy frogs into girl frogs in the UK (blimey, what's it doing to me?). Babies could be vaccinated with brain-altering chemicals to stop them getting hooked on drugs and cigarettes in later life. Pyjamas and bed linen made with silver cloth are being trialled in a hospital to help combat MRSA. 15 Ways in Which Too Much TV Wrecks Your Child's Health continues with Dr Aric Sigman's research into the idiot box and what it's turning our kids into (if the estrogen doesn't get 'em first). EClub's all here, every jot and tittle as ordered, complete with this week's health tip from my new book, Simple Changes, which, in the name of novelty, I've paid out for you below.

Happy March!


Don't Lose Your Joy
'False, lying, cowardly, nauseous puppy. The greatest
ass, liar and beast in the world.'

- King George III, on his eldest son, Prince Frederick

'I wish the ground would open up this minute and
sink the monster into the lowest hole in hell.'
- Queen Caroline, on her eldest son, Prince Frederick

Don't get back home on a Friday night, open the mail, cringe at the phone bill and have it wreck your entire weekend. Instead, call up the phone company and ask 'Why, in a country of free speech, is there a phone bill at all?' Don't lurch from one crisis to another. If this is you, you're suffering from patterning which needs to be overwritten.

Many worry. I don't. We're all going to die one day but at least I won't already have died the death of a thousand cuts over things a) I've no control over, and b) long since forgotten about. How about you?

· Be joyful
· Enjoy those overwhelming, optimistic experiences
· Train yourself to toughen up to weather grim times
· These things too shall pass
· There's little you're going through that nobody else is
· For heaven's sake take a holiday